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Chartering a yacht is not just about going places. It is about preserving your favorite lifestyle, keeping your pace, your privacy and staying safe and comfortable while getting unique experiences far beyond ordinary touristic routines. Think Antarctic skiing, Alaskan whale watching, Pacific submarining, Caribbean shark-diving and many more. Enjoy pristine environments and deserted shores, unspoilt nature and hidden anchorages. Wake up in new surroundings every day.

Charter FAQ

Are you a first-time charterer? Frequently Asked Questions about Yacht Charter

Why do I need a broker – can't I book everything myself?

You may spend a lot of time surfing the Internet and find out that the boat you have chosen is not available or its price has changed. An experienced broker saves you time and takes the risk by matching the right boat and crew to your exact requirements. He'll also organize all transfers, excursions, equipment and anything else you may need.

What do I have to pay over and above the charter fee?

Advertised rates represent the price of a weekly crewed charter not including any variable operating costs such as mooring or delivery fees, fuel, local taxes and port charges, as well as food and beverages. A separate payment to cover these (Advance Provisioning Allowance) is payable in advance of the charter and usually measures about 30% of the weekly charter rate.

What information do I need to give to my broker?

As much as possible. The more we understand your preferences and needs, be it diet, allergies, phobias, food and music preferences, temperament, ability to sail or desire to learn some activities, the easier it is to recommend the right boat for you and plan an outstanding cruise.

May I bring a pet on board?

Generally, no, yachts are generally not suitable for four-legged friends and their safety cannot be guaranteed.

Are shoes allowed on board?

Stiletto heels and dark soled shoes can damage or stain the deck, so it's best to take your shoes off. If you do not want to go barefoot, choose flat, light soled shoes.

May I smoke on board?

Smoking is only allowed on open decks and, in the case of some yachts, in designated areas.

Do I need a license for jet skis and other equipment?

Some water toys can only be used by appropriately qualified guests. Requirements vary from country to country, so it's best to ask the captain or broker in advance. Some yachts are RYA accredited and once instructed by an authorized crew member you may use the appropriate equipment without a license. In some regions, such as conservation areas, the use of motorized toys is prohibited.

How much of a tip should you leave the crew?

The industry is accustomed to 5-15 per cent of the base charter fee - but the decision is always up to you. Regardless of the size of the fee, it is passed on to the captain and divided equally among all crew members at the end of the charter.

Who is the boss?

Every yacht is a private premise, so ultimately it is the owner who makes the final call. The correct way to deal with any problems is via the captain, as they are the only one with the authority to put it right. Do not try to push or lecture the crew how to do their job. That is what the captain is there for.

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